Distortions while playing open-gl games

Got a G-force 2 400/400MX 64Mb TVOut. When I am playing For example Medal of honor There is quite much distortions. Like lines and flashes. Anyone with the same problem who can help me? Thanks… /Patrik

It sounds like you have a sync. problem with your monitor or your board is faulty or not so severe : check your board may be it is bad plugged into the AGP socket

The board is well attached to the mainboard. Tried to disconnect all cards except the graphic-card, with thoughts that there could be a conflict. But still got the same problem. But only while playing opengl-games. except that is working very good. I found out that the graphic-card is sharing the same IRQ as the internal modem. Could it be a conflict? /Patrik

got a geforce 3 ti 200 , windows xp , pentium 3 733 mhz , same problem , i don t know what to do , if you find a solution , please send me a mail to hurquieta@yahoo.com

Yeah may be this could be the problem.
Since video boards are IRQ gloutons, don’t share this one with ANY component.

-> also check the Video Board may be it is faulty.

hoping this helps.

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