Display messes up in games.

Not sure, but I think this is an OpenGL problem…not sure. When playing basically any games, (Call of Duty, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, UT 2003 etc) I’m getting what can best be described as black dots or small black blocks up and down the screen. This only happens when starting to play a game. The main menu is fine, the desktop is fine etc. I have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro running Catalyst 4.2.

Started happening when I changed motherboards. I now have an Asus A7N8X-X board. When using my previous board, I had no problems. I have the latest NForce2 drivers, and am running XP SP1. I’ve tried syncing the refresh rates between Windows and the game, turning various features off and on like FSAA and anisotropic filtering etc. I’ve tried Catalyst 3.8, 3.10, and now 4.2.

Just not sure what KIND of problem this is. Is it DirectX (I have 9.0b), OpenGL, video drivers??? Have no clue.

I would start with disabling “fastwrites” in the ATI-SMARTGART tab. If that doesnt help I would lower the AGP speed step-by-step.

If that still doesnt help, I would come back here :slight_smile:

I tried that last night. I disabled the fastwrites in there and in the BIOS. Also set the graphics aperature at 128 MB like ATI suggests. Also lowered the AGP speed to 4x with no change. Just for fun I loaded up Doom 95 and it looks perfectly fine, so it must be software problem of some kind. According to this site if I have the latest ATI drivers, then I have the latest version of OpenGL. Any other suggestions?

try older drivers. if thats a no go then try the omega drivers.

I would lower the AGP setting to 2x or even 1x first.

The only thing older drivers do, is that they dont fully use the AGP features.