Difference in calling OpenCL and OpenVx from OpenCV

Hi Sir/Madam,
I have an openCV function from which I need to call OpenCL function for accessing various hardwares and also OpenVx function for accessing various hardwares. Since both OpenCL and OpenVx has access to all the hardwares(CPU,GPU,FPGA) , the difference what I came to know from the PPT from khronos is the dedicated hardware , OpenCL does not have the access but OpenVx can access. Can you kindly elaborate a little more on this Dedicated hardware. What is is exactly , and what is the benefit .


hi Vinith,

When its says “OpenVX can have access to dedicated HW”, this depends on the specific vendor SoC and vendor OpenVX implementation.
Ex, a vendor may have an Camera ISP HW on his SoC which is exported to the user as a vendor specific OpenVX function.
So one needs to refer to vendor documentation for details.