Diamond Viper 330 Windows XP

Ok this is the probleme i can’t play half life with opengl because i can only install the driver nv3
and i can’t install the riva 128 zx opengl because it is for win 95 en 98
is there a driver for Win xp home edition Diamond viper 330?

Uh… why are you trying to install video drivers for video cards you do not own?

The Diamond Viper 330 is an obsolete card from a manufactere which no longer makes video cards.

Your chances of getting the card to work correctly on XP are near NIL.

I suggest spending $35-40 and get a more modern card.

The Viper330 is based on the Nvidia Riva 128 (aka NV3).

Thats a very old card, and Nvidia (www.nvidia.com) dont offer XP drivers.

You are out of luck.

a) buy a new 3d card.


b) dont use XP