detonator 40.42 opengl and active sync

I have just installed the new detonator 40.42 driver on a gf4 4400ti card.Up until this point all my games worked fine.I had a problem before with corrupt graphics and cured this by turning the vertical sync to always off.Since i have put 40.42 it seems i can no longer turn off the v.sync. I have reinstalled the latest certified drivers and still the problem remains.By removing the file “NVOGLNT” from the nvidia folder the problem was solved once again (using det.40.41)I have now installed the last certified driver 30.32(i think) and the problem has returned only removing the said file does not resolve the problem.I am getting seriousley hacked off with this and I don’t want to re and uninstall different drivers for different games.Nvidia don’t seem to offer any support on the matter so Im hoping someone here can help.