debian packages for collada-dom

i plan to start releasing debian packages for Ubuntu for collada-dom 2.3. They will first be offered through launchpad, but eventually we would get them into the official ubuntu repositories.

Most likely it will be just 4 packages for the core collada-dom library:


does anyone have any suggestions/objections?


That would be great!

I already packaged a previous version of collada-dom, they are there:

If this is ok with you, to avoid duplication of efforts, I’ll update them with the new collada-dom release next week, then let you review them and maybe release them on your own (through the channel of your choice).

Which ubuntu release would you like to target?

Hi Sebastien,

This is great! If you don’t mind the extra work, then it would be most awesome to get it updated to 2.3.

My biggest complaint is that there was no official way of searching for collada installations. Therefore, I also pkgconfig files to get the collada installations with pkg-config. You’ll need to install collada14dom.pc and collada15dom.pc in /usr/lib/pkgconfig

It will be great if you split libcolladadom-dev into libcollada14dom-dev and libcollada15dom-dev

We would be using it for karmic-natty, but a hardy one would also come in handy.

I’m not sure if you are a fan of cmake, but in 2.3 i added a cmake build. I have some experience with creating debian source packages from cmake directly, but so perhaps you would be interested in integrating your diff files into the trunk? I could help with this.

I never used pkgconfig, I’ll have a look and come back to you if I need help.


I’ll stick with lucid for now.

Sure, let’s see that when the package suits us.


Sorry, it wasn’t clear from your response exactly what actions we were going to take.

OpenRAVE, a robotics motion planning application I develop, needs collada 2.3, 2.2 has several bugs that make it fail to load collada 1.5 files.

pkg-config is the standard way of finding installations of libraries in linux, with cmake-config files slowly appearing.

it would be great to get a debian source that is compilable for ubuntu karmic-natty distributions for collada 2.3. how should we proceed to generate it? use cmake? how are you currently generating the debian files?

Currently, the packages

  • use collada 2.2
  • don’t use cmake nor pkgconfig
  • use dh for the debian-related machinery
  • only target lucid

As I first step, I’d like to get the packages

  • use collada 2.3
  • use cmake and pkgconfig
  • keep using dh for the debian-related machinery
  • keep only targeting lucid

Then (next week) I’ll come back to you asking for test and review.

Then we may

  • look for generating the debian stuff with cmake
  • look for integrating some changes into collada (I already have a patch) and making a new release.
  • find a way to target karmic-natty

If the dependencies are available in karmic-natty, I think the debian source might be the same, maybe with the exception of the changelog (which would require a manual edition and upload for every target).

Is it clearer?


great! the way you describe sounds like we can get something working really fast before changing the way the debian files are generated.

supporting other distros is just a matter of changing the ‘lucid’ tag, collada-dom doesn’t have that many dependencies, and their names certainly haven’t changed. even if they did, we can also do something like:

mylib4 | mylib3

Currently the debian files in openrave: … /+packages

are generated using this cmake file: … ePPA.cmake

as you can see, it’s just writing all the necessary debian files depending on cmake variables set by the user. For next week, one possible approach would be to copy this file and change it so that it mimics the way you’ve setup the debian files for collada-dom.


Just curious what’s the status on the collada 2.3 packages. do you need any help?

thanks for doing this

Hi all,

We’re sorry we couldn’t wait for Sebastien to get prepared, our clients needed debian packages this week, so i went ahead with the cmake changes and uploaded collada 2.3 debian packages here:

we’ll be releasing this as part of collada 2.3.1

Rosen are any of these bugs in the schema generated code and due to a schema bug? If so such schema bugs should be reported to .


hi mark,

if you remember, we covered the problems fixed in this forum. the changes were also recorded in the readme files. in short, it had to do with SID resolution. there were also some temp filename clashing issues.