Damn PLIZ help me with OpenGL!!! Counter Strike!

I’m playing HalfLife Counter Strike… Using GeForce2 MX400 Nvidia. Windows XP… Upgraded FROM Win98. My opengl isn’t working. Don’t know why… Pliz help!!! I’m using Direct3D! And when some1 throws a smoke bomb my comp goes flaming!!!
pliz help!

It doesn’t sound like an OpenGL problem. Sounds more like the computer is underpowered. A GF2 MX is probably fine for counter-strike (I’m a CS addict, myself). At least it would be okay with Win98. I have heard that WinXP is not that good for gaming. Is there any chance you could retrograde back to Win98?

And framerates always drop much lower with the smoke nades going. I’ve heard that they can bring your average comp to its knees. I know you don’t really want to hear this, but I throw smoke nades on purpose sometimes, just because it makes an opponent’s framerate drop. I have a high end machine that is normally 99 frames per second (fps). A smoke nade only drops it down to 65-80fps. I know that sux, but that’s the way it is.

Try going back to Win98. Or reinstalling CS. Other than that, a better graphics card would help a lot. GeForce3’s are relatively inexpensive now. But try not to get an MX card. The Ti’s are worth the extra cash. Good luck.

Yea i’ve uninstalled the game o LOT of times. I can’t change back to 98 cuz i’m the Administer of my LAN computers. And ever1 is using XP to play CS.
anywat any1 can help?