daeURI::getFilePath, getFile


I’ve run into some problems with API changes in the latest 2.0 DOM release,
What are the equivalent function(s) for the older daeURI::getFilePath and daeURI::getFile functions?

BTW, is there some documentation for the DOM API available?


DOM documentation is available on the collada.org wiki. The only problem is that it’s slightly out of date by about two months. Some changes I put in during that time for the 2.0 release require updates the documentation. I’ll be fixing up the documentation this week.

Sorry about the daeURI breakage. It’s documented (along with several other backward compatibility problems) on the backward compatibility page on the wiki. The new path accessors (from daeURI.h):

// Return the whole path
const std::string& path() const;

// Individual path component accessors.
std::string pathDir() const;         // daeURI("/folder/file.dae").pathDir() == "/folder/"
std::string pathFileBase() const; // daeURI("/folder/file.dae").pathFileBase() == "file"
std::string pathExt() const;        // daeURI("/folder/file.dae").pathExt() == ".dae"
std::string pathFile() const;        // daeURI("/folder/file.dae").pathFile() == "file.dae"


Great! Thanks!