DAE & Papervision question


I have a quick question on DAE files used in Flash/papervision.

Due to the complexity of some of the files I would like the actual dae files to be present on the users local machine (this is a very specific flash application we’ve made and accessing them over the net is too slow, local access makes it workable). With Flash 10 you can now do this ,but the user has to select the file they want to use. As DAE is stored in an XML format we can put all our DAE files in one large XML file and just store the objects locally in our application and use them as required.

There is where the problem lies. I can have a DAE XML file in memory but is there a way to create a dae model object from this information? The limitations appear that you can only do it from a file but the XML is already in memory (as when they are loaded from the file they are split up into their individual objects [IE many dae files in the one large XML file).

Can this be done and if so how?

Thank for your time.