Create a mesh exporter for a CAD

My goal :
I want to create a mesh exporter for a CAD product (no animation, no physics).
I would like to find the c++ way to create a cube.dae for ex with one colour and then with one texture

Where I am :
I’ve successfully compiled “dae2ogre” but I know nothing about ogre neither dae.
So it doesn’t help.
I failed with dae23ds because of compilation pbs
I’m a bit lost and would be happy to find the classical “helloWorld” starting point in the OpenCollada package.

My questtons :
Is it so hard ?
Do i have to read a 500 pages book before ?
Does anybody knows the way to start with OpenCollada efficiently ?

Thanks for any answer .


I think you will find the XRay project a good starting point for using OpenCOLLADA.