CraZy OpenGL!!!!

OpenGL suX i have a Nvida TNT4 64 and a windows ME this problem its very strange,i use to have win98 and i never had this problem but one day it starts and i formated my PC and instaled windows ME but the problem
still!!! what tha F…is this???

Firstly, OpenGL does not suck. Just because you’re having problems with something doesn’t mean a particular piece of software used by millions of people with no problem whatsoever is to blame.

Secondly, calm down. Be polite and people will help you; using foul language will only get you ignored!

Right, what exactly is the problem? You’ve managed to tell us the problem is “very strange” and that it didn’t happen initially with Win98, but you haven’t got around to actually saying what it is. Are applications crashing? Stuck in a low monitor resolution? Messed up colours? Slow 3D rendering?

Please be specific, and give as much information as you can.