Craptop OGL drivers...

I’ve looked on the manufacturer’s website for my notebook, and there doesn’t seem to be an OGL driver for my model… I’m wondering if there’s still hope for me?

The power supply on my PC died a couple days ago, so I’m stuck with my laptop for everything until I can get a new PSU… I want to play Half-Life and Doom (using the Legacy port) in OpenGL mode, but it takes centuries to load (assuming it does load, as I get impatient after around 5-10 minutes of waiting).

The notebook’s model is: Toshiba Satellite - 1715XCDS


Hmm, this sounds like another instance to try the GLDirect OpenGL-on-Direct3D driver from SciTech. If your system does D3D half-way decently, then you should be able to run OGL games with their driver, since that was what it was originally designed to take advantage of.