Cracking graphics

Here’s a strange one. I just purchased a 3d prophet 2 mx 400 and things were going along fine for about a week. Then I was getting some crackling in the graphics (most noticeable in Counter-Strike). But the next day it got worse. I’m getting triangular flashes of broken textures all over the place. I liken my screen to looking through broken glass.
I have not added any more cards to my system so therefore no ‘new’ irq conflicts. The mx 400 has no new drivers yet. Tech support said to try the drivers for the regular mx…still no improvement. Is my graphics card dying on me? My comp is spanky new too P3 1Gig, 256 meg and no previous cards were installed.

My framerate is still fine in these games…but I can’t see much through broken glass.

Looks like a hardware related problem to me.

Could be that your graphic card is overheating (overclocked?), or the heatsink does not work, or (tons of other stuff…)