Couple of GL questions

To start with I’ll say I’m fairly new to messing around with any of this, so if I don’t provide needed info here just let me know. Also, if/when providing help or an explaination please go into a fair amount of detail, since what might be common sense to you might be something I haven’t figured out yet.

Problem 1. I recently downloaded the Beta for City of Heroes. After download when I went to run if got the following errors:
Video card doesn’t support

I have a GeForce4 MX 420 and I just downloaded the most recent drivers from NVidia. According to everything I’ve read it should be able to support it.(Game requirements are only a Geforce2 or higher)

Problem 2. Some OpenGL games I’ve had like Diablo II or Neverwinter Nights have had the "crash after playing 5-20 minutes’ problem, yet Everquest has run flawlessly for me.

I’m running a P3 700MHz machine with 512 RAM. Win98 is the OS. Yes I realize this is an old PoS but it should be able to handle this. Thanks for any help you can give.

Sounds like you are stuck with the software emulation of OpenGL since GL_EXT_C_V_A and GL_ARB_MT are every old extension that has been around for years and are fully supported since the RivaTNT.

The big question would be why that is so. There are some applications that break OpenGL the most common one is Matlab which exclusivly locks OpenGL for unknown reasons.

For your locking-up problem: AFAIK DiabloII is a DirectX game not an OpenGL game. Your are saying your are using a P3 700, I hope the motherboard isnt based on the infamous VIA-KT133 which is known to have countless compatiblity issuses.

Not sure why it would be using emulation since I have installed the latest NVidia drivers for my card. If that is the case, what can be done about it?
As far as the motherboard goes, I’m fairly sure I have the ‘fixed’ P3 but just in case how can I check to make sure?
I’m also running DirectX 9.0b in case it makes any difference. Thanks for the response. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

Just to clarify:

When I said “VIA-KT133” I did not meant your CPU. The motherboard chipset is what connects the CPU to the RAM, AGP, PCI, IDE, USB, …). So if your motherboard is based on the “VIA-KT133” chipset you are one of the unlucky guys because your motherboard is a POS and you will always have compatibilty problems.

The other question would be why you are stuck in software emulation. Here is a list with things to check:

-your desktop should be in 16 or 32 bit per pixel depth
-Go to the “Display Properties” click “Advanced”, now there should a couple of ATI tabs, one of them should be “3D”, check if there is an button to change some of the OpenGL settings
-make sure “hardware acceleration” under “Display Properties->Advanced->Troubleshooting” is set to “full”.
-click on “Start->Run” and enter “dxdiag” click on the “Display” tab and see what it says.

There is more to check but this should keep you busy for a while :wink: