Counter Strike, Opengl and Geforce2 MX

I’m having a problem with OpenGL. When I run Counter Strike, and already in a game, I get 30-60 fps better than Direct3D which is 20-50 fps. So I’d wish to run on OpenGL, but when I do, a few minutes into the game the when I change weapons. The game freezes, so anything I try to do to get out of the game won’t work, expect rebooting the computer . I’d like to run in OpenGL because of the game freezes up and I hear the sound of what I last did repeating. It usually happens higher fps. I’ve downloaded all the latest drivers, but the drivers do not show on the list of drivers, so I run OpenGL and Direct3D on default drivers. That’s also a problem I’d like to solve . But right now im Stuck on Direct3D, could anyone help?

Also my fps is low for a Geforce2 MX, cuz I have a P2 266

My system:

P2 266Mhz
196Mb of pc1433 RAM
3D Prophet II MX (Geforce 2 MX)
Windows 98

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The reasons I’ve seen so far for this are as follows:

  1. The card was one of the first batch and very unstable - solution get a refund.

  2. The sytem was overclocked, dropping the processor speed back down allowed it to run stable.

In most cases I’ve seen, people tended to chuck them and buy GTS’s

I’ve been having the same problem. Every time I start either Quake3 or Black & White, I get an error at nvopengl.dll. The game proceeds to shut off leaving the sound going. I am running GeForce2 GTS on a P3 1GHZ. Please help, im really stuck man. By the way, Ive already downloaded all the new drivers and stuff so thats not it. Thanks.

Yes, this sounds horribly familiar :frowning: exactly the same thing has been happening to me when playing Counter Strike (CS) or Baldur’s Gate (BG) in openGL… A sound (such as the changing of a weapon magazine, footsteps etc) seems to initiate my computer to lock-up. CS runs without crashing when I use Direct3d, I don’t think I can run BG in direct3d so haven’t tried.

My system
K7M mobo w/ 600mhz Athlon (clasic)w/300W power supply (all approriate drivers installed)
ASUS GeForce2 GTS 32 (currently using ASUS Drivers v5.16d, I have tried many others including Nvidia latest so plz don’t suggest them)
Sound Blaster live (value)
Win 98SE

I haven’t installed the latest Beta Drivers for openGL yet, though I am about to. Failing that I plan on switching my sound card to see if that has anything to with my problems.

Sorry Khlabeb & Johnnny, nothing to suggest, but should I fix my problem which sounds alot like your own I will post how here…
just don’t hold your breath waiting :wink:

Well I tried the latest beta drivers for openGL and they were no help at all. However, I switched my SoundBlaster live value card to a Diamond Monster Card and I can no play CS in openGL no problem. I can also play BG2 now, but not with the 3D effects (it crashes if I use them). So, obviously there are some things still to be fixed…

So, I’m guessing there may be some compatibility issues with older (I bought my card 2 years ago) Soundblaster live value cards and GeForce2 cards… Could this be your problem as well?