Counter-Strike Open GL Help

Ill be honest, i use to hack in counter-strike, and about two months ago, I decided to clean up my game, and be fair to everyone else, so i was going to delete my hack. The hack I had worked along OpenGL’s files.

While i was deleting it, i had to manually delete some files, and i accidentally deleted the opengl.dll file from my computer without knowing.

Since then, ive done everything to get opengl mode back for counter-strike, but I cant seem to figure it out.

Ive re-installed my video card files multiple times with no progress. So i know the problem is further then just my video card.

If anyone has any suggestions, or knows the anwser on how to get my opengl.dll file back, please post back. You would be doing me a huge favor.

I think u could get it from System32 folder, or u could goto opengl’s site and download it.

i don’t know the url so search on google