Counter Strike online , Open gl not working HELP!!!

i got a new pc last year and i cant play any online games like counter strike ,

the computer is a 98 wndows pentium 4 processor

511 ram

i believe a geforce FX 5200/PCI/SSE2

open gl version 1.5.1

and i have friends who have pentium 3’s and 256 ram and can run this so i really need your help

when i start the game it loads for a second then it goes to the blue screen of death

the a fatel exception has occured screen.


Sounds like a hardware/AGP related problem. OpenGL requires fully functional hardware and there seems to be an GART related problem since the card is used only in a PCI compatibility mode.

I would try to reinstall the motherboard/chipset drivers if I where you.

i have this same exact problem, and it is with the drivers. i computer ran half life mods perfectly, until the stupid thing (dell :/) crapped out on me. when i took it to the shop, the technician wiped the master drive, and reinstalled windows. so most of my updated drivers were lost. but yeah. maybe knowing that the problem is in your drivers will help. i’m jsut going to buy a new computer.