Counter-Strike Doesn't Recognize my drivers

Hey everyone, I have this weird problem with my video card (Sapphire Radeon 9100). I just downloaded the most recent drivers for my card, but CS wont let me choose a opengl driver, it only gives me my old opengl option (3dfx mini driver, I use to have a voodoo 3 2000). Anyone know why CS wouldn’t recognize my new video card drivers? Thanks for your help.

Do a uninstall, reinstall of the drivers.
Go to control panel system, remove the card and reboot, then windows will detect card, then you can choose the driver.

Is it just counter-strike?

Tried uninstall/reinstall, still doesn’t work… WinXp installs my card automatically at startup. Tried uninstalling hl/cs then, reinstalling, and it still gives me: “3dfx mini driver” or “default”…

Any other solutions?

I bet you have leftover 3dfx drivers.
(And scroll down to where it says download)

You’ll probably have to reinstall your nvidia drivers… but maybe not.

To do a clean install of your nvidia drivers, use something like Denonator RIP

Hummm even after using the 3dfx uninstaller, i still get the same 3dfx opengl driver…

So i’ll take the easy way out, format, reinstall windows and reinstall all my drivers!

Should take care of everything + it only take 35 min…!!

You’re going to reformat your hardrive? If all you use your computer for is games, why don’t you just get a console? It’d be a lot cheaper.

3dfx mini gl driver will always be there. select default, numb nuts

oh, and whaddya know, i had a voodoo 3 3500 and i have a sapphire radeon 9100! phucking tard

Youaredumb: dude, you have way too much anger, take it out somewhere else! I’m sorry if I had never experience this kind of problem and needed help. This place was made to help, not for little 14 years old that experienced the problem before and feel like feeling smart by bitching at people…

GET A ()$*! life dude!

For the others: I did not format, instead, went and bought another game to test the graphics. I get extremely good graphics with “enter the matrix”, so the problem is with Half - Life…!!