Could not load openGL. MATLAB was the culprit

7.5 hours
3 pancakes (the only food I ate all day)
3 crusty conversations with friends because I’m p*ssed off (including my girlfriend)
2 unfortunate conversations with Dell customer support
1 Damn game I probably won’t play that often anyway
1 program I use for school all the time

equals a period of my life I’ll never get back . Either way, the problem is fixed. MATLAB was using openGL (even in the background when I wasn’t using MATLAB), which didn’t allow MOHAA to work.

If you’re having problems with openGL and have MATLAB installed on your machine, you should make sure MATLAB isn’t running any background processes (including the web server). The mathworks website has information on this too.

Good luck!

Dude I owe you my life, i have spent the last couple of days working till the wee hours of the morning untill i found your post. I was running msc patran which kept on giving me wglcreatecontext errors, and after determining that it was opengl error i found this site. So in task manager if i end the matlab.exe process, hey then presto patran works fine.

Thanks alot