Continuous playback supported in OpenMAX AL ?

Does OpenMAX AL support the continuous playback of multiple input files?
The scenario would be as following:

  • Source 1 is being played back and buffered before output
  • When source 1 is buffered completely, source 2 is started buffering, while source 1 will still be played back
  • When playback of Source 1 has finished, source 2 will start playback

In the spec I just found the possibility to set up another mediaplayer object for source 2 and switch to mediaplayers when source 1 has finished playback.
Would it somehow be possible to tell the player what the next source will be?


If there ia a playlist formed, then the source files can be changed using the DynamicSourceItf APIs of MediaPlayer Object. The player keeps playing the files in this list. The possibility of another media player can be used in the scenario where 2 separate zones(or nodes) is needed, each having its own playlist.