computer keeps freezing after I installed open gl

I recently installed Tribes 2 on my computer and played it but thought it might work nicer if I installed open gl, which came with it, I installed it and restarted my computer but after it got past the Windows 98 startup screen with the clouds and stuff it just go to a grey screen and freezes, I left it for a while but nothing worked so I know it wasn’t just being slow loading, I reinstalled Windows but that helped in no way, so I started up in Safe Mode and I could uninstall open gl so I did so, and restarted, this didn’t help either, so I figured I would just uninstall Tribes 2 but that also didn’t work, so I ran Norton Clean Sweep and ran the system registry cleaner thing but nothing is working!!! please please please reply or e-mail me at if you know how to help!!