compilation error in VS2008,HELP!

I downloaded a demo of OPENCL named HelloCL and it runs well in VS2008.But once I create a new project and copy the code of HelloCL into it,change the relevant options in new project properties as well, there are too many compilation error. By the way,I use ATIStreamSDK.
The changes in new project properties as follow:
1.“Configuration Properties”->“C/C++”->“Addtional Include Directories”.
2.“Configuration Properties”->“Linker”->“General”->“Addtional Include Directories”.
3.“Configuration Properties”->“Linker”->“Input”->“Addtional Dependencies”.
Does anybody tell me what mistake did I take or did I omit anything?

otherwise?the compilatin errors are almost like the kind “XX is Undeclared identifier”,XX is OPENCL data type like “cl_int”.

It sounds like you did not include cl.h correctly. Check again your “additional include directories” and make sure that your application has the following statement at the top of your source code:

#include <CL/cl.h>

Since you have HelloCL working correctly on your PC I suggest looking again at all the options that have been set in that project and make sure that all the settings in your project look the same.

I solved it ,thank you!