ColladaRT bug report

Sometimes ColladRT crashes because of missing Sids or Ids inside the document.
For example, sometimes this code inside ReadAnimation() crashes, because both Id and Sid values are optional for a given <animation>:

CrtAnimation *CrtScene::ReadAnimation( domAnimationRef animation )
	if (animation==NULL) return NULL;

	CrtPrint( "Add new Animation %s 
", animation->getId() );  

	if ( animation )
		CrtAnimation * newAnim = CrtNew(CrtAnimation ); 
		CrtAssert("No memory
", newAnim!=NULL);
		// get the animation name - target - keys and time 
		newAnim->SetName( animation->getId() ); //Sometimes crashes
		newAnim->SetDocURI( animation->getDocumentURI()->getURI() );  //Sometimes crashes

Is there a conditioner to add id and sid attributes to all the missing Ids and Sids ( including optional and non-optional )of the Collada document?