ColladaMaya and Maya 8 Linux Woes

Hey all, I have been mucking around with the mayacollada source code from both the sourceforge SVN and feelingsoftware source trying to get the thing compiled :slight_smile:

Ok, for some reason the SVN from sourceforge is v2.01 and the feelingsoftware’s latest source is 2.03? I decided to adapt the Makefiles from SVN to the later version of feelingsoftware’s, and tried to compile it. After going through the Makefile a dozen times and getting it to link to the right places (like …/FCollada/FUtils/ instead of FUtils) I’ve found some source code missing like MayaHelper.h and DaeSceneElement.cpp (no idea why they’re missing from both svn and feeling) and just commented them out for now. After more linkings and things, now it’s giving me errors and it can’t locate xtree in the FUtils source and stuff, and now I’ve given up for now as I’m not a programmer and I’m just mucking around with makefiles aimlessly :slight_smile:
Current problem: … damaya.txt
for some reason pastebin wouldn’t accept this so I just uploaded it.

Please, I need some assistance! Thanks.

I’ve never compiled the ColladaMaya plugin myself so unfortunately I can’t help you, but you may also want to ask on Feeling Software’s forums.