ColladaMax stack overflow

When I try to export a model with animation, in some cases it works but in others max crashes. With debugging I found that in my case it crashes with a stack overflow error inside the function:

XMLNodePtr ColladaExporter::AddHelperNode(XMLNodePtr& maxExtraNode, IGameNode* sceneNode, IGameObject* helperObject)

at the line

simpleObject->GetLocalBoundBox(TIME_NegInfinity, sceneNode->GetMaxNode(), NULL, boundingBox);

I am not sure if the stack overflow happens only there or can happen anywhere depending on the data. I commented out the part that exports <extra> nodes for helper nodes and it worked. Not a big problem since I don’t need the <extra> information. Thought it might help finding a bug.



Hi there,

Could you please email me a test scene which shows the issues?

The “GetLocalBoundBox” function is a part of the 3dsMax SDK, so I’m not sure how much I can really help (if the issue is some infinite recursion). What I do know is that before the past release, I had modified ColladaMax to have one more function call within the recursive scene graph export. Maybe this extra function call was too much…


Please, can bugs for the Maya and Max plug-in be reported using the sourceforge bug tracker.