ColladaMax scrolling texture export problem


I’m trying to export a .DAE of a simple plane with an animated offsetU (60 keyframes). We want to do this to implement rivers, waterfalls etc. However, on export, neither offsetU nor any animation-related tags are exported. So, in short, has anyone successfully exported UV scrolling from Max to .DAE? If not, might anyone be able to point me in the right direction as to how to go about doing this?


Hello all,

Currently I am still trying to figure out how to implement animated uv scrolling in the Collada format. Does anyone have any texture-animated geometry in the Collada format - simple or no - that I might be able to take a look at? Thanks very much in advance… I’m at my wit’s end!


I’m pretty sure that it’s not supported in this version of COLLADA. Still, we could support it through <extra>. I suggest that you open a bug in I’ll be honest: we have many higher priority issues to tackle first, but if more people ask for it or we run out of high priority issues, we’ll be happy to implement it.

OK, understood. Currently I’m exporting via <extra>, just as you proposed.

I’ve added this to the bugzilla database just as you requested. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Thanks. BTW, if you’re willing to share patches to ColladaMax, we’ll be happy to merge them and maintain them for the future.