colladamax and normal map


I am having trouble exporting some materials with colladamax 0.8.2. I checked the option to export tangent data and it never is exported, I got only the texcoords, normals and vertices. The normalmap texture isn’t exported too, only the diffuse.

what’s the procedure to get the material and the tangent data exported to the .dae file?

thanks in advance

Bumps are not part of the official COLLADA standard. They can be represented by using a shader (for an example see the 1.5 spec Appendix B) or by using extra tags and defining an own profile. We are already generating tangents and binormals in the 0.8.2 version but neither create a shader for bumpmaps nor export texture.

It’s on our feature request list though.


I’m checking the options: tangents/binormals, triangulate and normals. I got the normals and triangles instead polys, ok, but the plugin is not generating/saving the tangents/binormals data. It’s writing only the normals, positions and texcoords.
I don’t figured out what I’m doing wrong.