collada .xsd document

Not sure if anyone’s looked at Google’s “LondonHouse” example for a Collada file exported from Sketchup, at , but I assume it is representative of “good” Collada.

but I was wondering if anyone might comment on some interesting aspects of the schema…

In particular, it starts out with:

<COLLADA xmlns=“COLLADA 1.4 Schema” version=“1.4.0”>

versus what is posted at,

<COLLADA xmlns=“COLLADA 1.3 Schema” version=“1.4.0”>

which doesn’t have the “11” .

Also, looking at the collada 1.4 .xsd schema doc, I see: <COLLADA> items can have assets, libraries, and scenes under it, that library is a complex type, which in turn can have: geometry, camera, controllers, etc under it.

So, parsers would expect: <COLLADA><library><geometry>…</geometry><…> </library> </COLLADA>

instead, I see <library_geometry>, etc type of tags hanging right off the root document, as indeed is described in the .pdf documentation.

So, my question is: should the .xsd be changed to reflect this reality? When I generate wads of classes purely based on the .xsd, the code generators take the schema doc quite seriously, and look for such structure.

comments/RTFMs appreciated.

newbie Chris

The first one is for Collada 1.4, the second one looks like it’s 1.3. That should answer your second question too… you were looking at the 1.3 schema I think.

Unfortunately, not. Output from Sketchup does not validate against the COLLADA 1.4.0 schema. Specifically the <asset> element and the texcoord attribute are invalid content. The developers have been informed.

The former is correct. Where are you getting the erroneous comparision from exactly?

It’s becoming apparent that you are looking at a COLLADA 1.3 or earlier schema. The important thing to understand is how you reached this misundestanding and from that … what are updates we need to make to or other COLLADA information sites so that the available information is clear to new users.

OK - I see the document now posted at: … schema_1_4

looks a whole lot more like the .pdf document! Not sure where I got the older .xsd; but I will be sure to delete it!

thanks for the extremely prompt reply!

newbie Chris


I just downloaded the 1.4.1 schema… I load the XSD it in the VS2005 to generate a .NET C++ .h file for the DataSet and I got this error:

Error: There was an error processing '.\COLLADASchema_141.xsd'.
  - Error generating code for DataSet ''.
  - Unable to convert input xml file content to a DataSet. The '' attribute is not declared.
  - The '' attribute is not declared.

Any idea?

hmmm - this compiled and did code generation just fine with Apache XML Beans…

newbie Chris

That looks like MS doesn’t have support for the schema <include> tag. We use it to include a w3c schema that defines the xml:base attribute that we reference.
If it does have support for it you may need to tell the tool where to find that schema. The schema is here