Collada to JSON converter (O3D?)

Hey all,

Up until now I’ve been doing basic obj files to load simple 3D meshes into my game. I’m starting to get to more advanced things such as animation and it seems like Collada (.dae) is the best 3D file format out there. Does anyone know of a DAE to JSON converter? I’ve looked at O3D’s converter, but everything I see from them says that its deprecated. What is the standard for loading Collada files into browser games?
I could write my own python script to convert it, but Collada seems pretty dynamic with lots of different options to consider… it would be very time consuming.


I believed that I still have a copy of O3D converter in my drive somewhere. Reply to this message or email me your email address and I can pass it onto you.

I don’t think Collada is often used for 3D browser games, but maybe for games running in Papervison, Unity or Shockwave - still I don’t believe that use the JSON format of Collada,

X3D and VRML are more common to be used in Web 3D. But that’s only my opinion.