Collada scale issue, amnesia modding

since most 3rd part collada forums are dead, I was hoping someone here can give me an educated guess or a fix/solution

The deal is, I have 3ds max 9 and I’m making a mod for the game Amnesia, but I’m playing with the tools and apparently I’m supposed to work in meter’s and I have have setup correctly as you can see below

My goal is to create a 4x4 meter wall in game by a model/prop
I have set my measurements in 3Ds max to meters and system measurements to 1 unit = 1 meter, I have modeled it correctly to -2m x 2m x 4m

and appears to export perfectly, how ever in the model compiler its 100 times larger then it needs to be, I’ve changed it to kilometers and centimeters to try to fix this with no resolution

I’m pretty sure I’m over looking a collada export setting or my units aren’t working properly, either way I need a resolution for this as this also affects animations that are needed to me exported into it

Click below: collada units picture, 4 export tests

any help will be greatly appreciated as the whole amnesia community will appreciate a solution for this issue

thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you soon~


COLLADA default measure of distance is in meters too.

Sounds like the bug is in your “model compiler” and it is expecting things in cm (Maya default btw) and hard coded to scale content up by a factor of 100 to meters.

Most likely, is there a way around this? or some way of manually fixing it?

Can you upload your exported document?

Did you try clicking the checkbox that says “respect system units in file”?