Collada on Lightwave and Blender?

After looking at the SIGGRAPH 2005 Collada slides I was wondering what the meaning of those slides that mention “Collada on Lightwave” and “Collada on Blender” is… Was that to encourage someone to make those plugins or there are actually some pugins available that I have not heard of?

It would be great to have Collada support in these two great apps.
– Ignacio


I wrote the Blender plugin as an exercise to do some testing of the software. Most of it is in python, but it relies on a prototype COLLADA DOM implementation that is not for public release. It does support almost everything , but only import.

I had never used Blender before, and still cannot use it. So I am really the wrong person for this project.
If someone from the Blender community want to create a real plug-in, I’d be glad to help with what I have done.


I had a e-mail just before SigGraph from an individual, saying that he started working on a Lightwave COLLADA implementation. He sent me the image we used on the slide.

In addition, several engineers from NewTek assisted at the COLLADA Tech Talk, and they told me that they wanted to start support for COLLADA. As usual, if you want to accelerate this process, please let them know you are interested (

Other tools:

Several other tools have expressed their interest in supporting COLLADA. I have seen a very simple exporter for Modo at SigGraph:

Also, autodessys is looking into COLLADA support for formZ.


I got a mail from Remi about this post.
I am implementing LightWave plugin for COLLADA now.
If you are interesting in this, please visit

There are Binary & Source.
If you have LightWave[8] Intel (may be, [7] is OK), you can try it.
For the moment, this plugin can import a geometry (polygons node) only.


I have plans to write a blender exporter/importer this autum. Actually I am about to start that project in a week or so. I am doing some research about it right now.
I believe I am the right person to create such a plugin having experience in Blender, Python, C++ and plugins for COLLADA.

I think COLLADA and Blender could work very well together! It would be a great resource for the Blender community and for COLLADA aswell.

I have started working on a Collada plug-in for Blender. For now my work will concentrate on exporting basic scenes (geometry, lights, etc).

There are no information or download yet. I have to do some more research and work with simple test cases before I can release anything. Stay tuned!