Collada Mime type


Just wondering is there are mime type specified for collada?


Rory Hart

COLLADA documents are XML instance documents, therefore RFC 3023 applies in general.

application/xml is probably preferred since most COLLADA documents are not readable by “a casual user”. text/xml is permitted.

COLLADA does not have specific media type registered with IANA yet. What do people think about doing this?

Apologies for bumping an age-old thread, but it would be nice if you registered an official MIME type with IANA. GNOME and KDE use the MIME types to assign icons and choose which program is used to open documents, so an official MIME type would be useful to application developers who are writing 3D applications for Linux.

I think “model/collada+xml” would be an appropriate name, but I have to admit that I just started looking into MIME types today. I plan to use “model/x-collada” for my own purposes.

SVG is a pretty close analogue to COLLADA, just for 2D instead of 3D. The W3C SVG spec has its own MIME type for SVG: “image/svg+xml”, so I think it would follow that COLLADA should have its own MIME type independent of text/xml. Serving SVG as text/xml is still valid, but the more specific MIME type is used when available. A “model” toplevel content type already exists (see, so I would suggest registering something like “model/collada+xml”.

I agree that either of these two seem like a reasonable mimetype for COLLADA:

The actual MIME-type as registered by IANA is “model/vnd.collada+xml”.

See … index.html