Collada Maya normals export


I am using the Maya plugin (from Feeling Software) to export geometry to a collada file and then load this to my application. At some point my application generates a RIB file for Preview in Pixie renderer. For this preview I need vertex varying normals. The export in Maya seems to do something else (I am not completely sure about this):
take the face normal and set it to each vertex belonging to the face.
So a vertex belonging to 4 faces actually gets 4 normals. That’s kind of bad for my application, also at that point I cannot easily derive from the file which normals have to be interpolated.
Is there a way in Maya or in the Collada exporter for Maya to interpolate the normals per vertex and export it in a one normal per vertex fashion?


Hello Killkolor,

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Christian Laforte
President, Feeling Software