COLLADA Maya 0.90 bug

Is this where we report COLLADA Maya exporter bugs? If not, where do we?

If so, there is a problem with v0.90 adding an id attribute to the control_vertices element when none should be there. This causes an import failure for strict XML Schema validation:
<control_vertices id=“curveShape1-lib-ControlVertex”> … #msg108036

Sorry, but that is not the right place :?

Please check the ‘latest plug-in’ post here for information on where to post bugs.

Please post this again at the proper place.

Does that reference needed to be updated? I note that when I follow that link to the website, it states that the code is no longer being hosted there. I further note that no other bugs have been posted to the old bug tracker at that location since the announcement of the change. Finally, when I go to the new website, there does not seem to be a bug tracker.

Despite the number of COLLADA-related products that we support, Feeling Software is still a small company with no full-time system administrator. We haven’t had the time to expose our internal bug tracker to external developers yet. We’d rather spend the majority of our time implementing new features and maintaining the old ones. :wink:

Therefore please use the Sourceforge bug tracker for the time being. We will keep it up to date, until we have a better solution ready.