collada max for studio_1.0.0.134 simular to 3dsmax 2017?

hi i am in a game use dae problem is game is made for 3ds max 2009 but then i use 2010 i got it work whit this collada also someone made a collada for 2012 to work we use some fx effects made for this game my q is can some new collada simular to this get to work in 3ds max 2017 i understand its maybe hard to say only whit this info but if someone would help me i would be happy give more info

file work for 2012 is just a dll files namn colladamax 9/112011 8:12pm sizes 2.276kb

3DS MAX likely uses OpenCOLLADA. But it’s better to ask this question in the AutoDesk forums. Or if not there, try OpenCOLLADA channels.