collada kinematics 1.5 test files (collada dom)

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the feedback, after considering opencollada and all its great functionality, we’ve decided to stick with collada-dom for now. Although it has problems (what library doesn’t?), it gives the user as much control of the parsing process as possible. We’re also focused on parsing robotics relevant data only, so we’re not much interested in extracting and using the correct effects/materials/animations.

Now that I have developer access to collada-dom, can I just start committing my patches? Do I have to send them to someone first for review? What about releasing minor collada-dom versions with it?

I’ve also read elsewhere that collada-dom was mostly auto-generated from the spec. This is one of the reasons why it is attractive for us. Just curious, where can we find the program for this generation?


The collada-dom project is still inactive since no one has committed to maintain it. No one is applying patches or building release packages.

You should have checked out the tree from SVN there and commit changes to the trunk, or your own branch, as you develop them.

The code generator script is inside the repo there in the directory named dom/codeGen/ .

Cool, I just committed two patches.

Two questions:

  1. how do we make a minor release?

  2. i would like to implement several ideas: namespacing 1.4 and 1.5 so that a library can potentially load both at the same time, add a cmake build. whoo do i consult with such major changes?


If I recall, the DOM software package version is currently at v2.2.1 as indicated by the dom/readme.txt file. So you can either indicate a patch as 2.2.2 (etc.) or something more major (feature added or serious bugs fixed) as 2.3.y. There are readme files in the top level directories at all levels that you should keep up to date with release information as well.

Adding XML namespace support will involve changes to the codeGen script I’m sure, as well as hand-written C++ code in core places. I think that would change the DOM version to 3.0.0 too because it would not link against any existing applications. Big change I suspect.

A CMake build would be nice.

Like I said, no one is maintaining the DOM project so you can code what ever you want. The more you do the more you are effectively the maintainer though. That means fixing reported bugs and responding to that project’s forums too.

hi mark,

thanks, i just committed a cmake build for collada-dom and raised the version to 2.3. if you have time to test, please let me know if there’s any problems.
there’s two other groups that will be testing the changes on their systems, and if all goes well, we can probably do a tarball release.

as for the namespace feature to allow 1.4 and 1.5 to reside in the same exe, i think it will be possible without breaking compatibility.