Collada in CAD/Architecture


while collada is now supported by most DCC apps for the CG/Games domain (3dsmax, maya, xsi, blender…) how important is it in CAD software like autocad? I skimmed the vendors websites but couldnt find any real details if those packages support collada or not. Does it play a role in that domain or is still DXF/STL the defacto-standard?

thanks alot.


As far as I’m aware there aren’t any CAD packages that support Collada yet. I would love it if there were since we have customers that make CAD models and it’d be great if they had some way of exporting directly to Collada. As it is I think the easiest way to get CAD content into Collada form is via Deep Exploration, but they won’t be supporting Collada until 4.2, or so I’ve been told.

I think most people are using Collada for game development, so not many people have been asking the CAD companies for Collada support. Maybe that’ll change with Google Earth using Collada in their kmz files.