Collada importing into 3ds Max with no animation.

I’m importing a collada file into 3ds Max using the latest openCOLLADA. The file is importing with no animation and it creates a Multi/Subobject Material for every object in the scene, so I have 1000+ Materials.

The file was created in XSI and is importing into Cinema4D fine.

Has anyone come across this problem? Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance

Hi Gavin,

could you provide a small COLLADA to reproduce these problems? In this case I can check what is going wrong.

The loss of the animation might be due to different representation of transformations in the COLLADA file an in 3ds Max. The OpenCOLLADA plug-in does not modify or process the animation. Either the animation matches the representation in 3ds Max or it is ignored. This is a known limitation of the plug-in.

For each geometry a multimaterial is created to support multiple materials per geometry, as COLLADA does.