Collada FX Import

Hi All,

The samples that accompany Collada DOM was very helpful as a reference when I was working on importing Mesh Data from Collada. It would be great if there is a working sample for importing other data like Collada FX as well which will be very helpful.

Please let me know if there is any sample application included to import other data as well. Also please let me know the best way to import Collada Data.

Thank you.


I think that currently the only publicly available COLLADA FX application is the COLLADA FX maya plugin.
Otherwise, SCE is planning to add more sample code and sample data to sourceforge in the near future.

Hi Remi,

Based on Andy’s reply to my bug here the current FX examples are going to be removed from the DOM download package. How soon will new examples be made available since these are very important for testing, especially without FXComposer?



There are still FX samples in the DOM, and we will replace the ones we remove with new ones.

COLLADA DOM patch1 includes new COLLADA FX samples.
Available for download on sourceforge.