collada beginner

Hi all forum, :smiley:
I am a engineering student, and I want to comprehend about collada format file to use in industrial environment to exchange CAD/CAM/CAE data.

But I have a lot of problem with your collada-dom. I use Ubuntu 10.04 64bit and I have compiled files to use viewer of collada.dom found in download. But this viewer is usable only for .dae format that respect schema1.4 as described in collada site, about procedures with xmllint command? For other it doesn’t function! :oops:
Otherwise the viewer is very simple and it’s not funtionable

But there are an editor to create file collada or better create element directly by code? If yes, it is collada-dom? But it doesn’t function on my calculator

If no, what callada editor can I use?

Then can I know and comprehend the collada file structure? How? There is a guide?

Thank you for your exhaustive answers


I came here because I am a frustrated student as well. As a high school student I feel there is a lot that might be beyond me, but I am anxious to learn the capabilities of this program. i will watch this thread anxiously.