Colin McRae 2.0 & Radeon Ve

I can’t play this game since I changed my 3D card to an Enniah ATI RAdeon VE. When I click to open the game, a message “Setting configuration to defaults” and then an error like “Invalid page in CMR2.EXE” occurs.
I have read that there is problems with multiple monitor cars but I don’t have second monitor and I have it disabled.

Please, help…

Win98SE, PIII866, 256Mb, Ennyah Ati radeon VE, DirectX 8.1, Via4.36.

If there is any “Setup” file (not to install, but to configure your settings) try to change it to Direct3D. If not, then you’ll have to wait for the new revised ATI Radeon drivers (ati is working on them because of all the opengl problems)