clGetPlatformIDs Exception..

I received to the website, this project name is “Convolution”.

Then I builded and start!

This project is occured clGetPlatformIDs exception…

I don’t know why this exception occured.

And I know this reason. Please give me advice…

Perhaps you have no OpenCL implementation installed on your computer…


I installed “gpucomputingsdk 2.3(win32).exe” and “nvdrivers 2.3 winvista 32 190.89 general.exe”.

Anything if I can install??

Plese let me know.

A number of demo application should have been installed with the SDK, and among them one called oclDeviceQuery. See if you can run that.

If I can run my project, what doing myself??

teaching me, what installed SDK or Driver??