clBuildProgram run inconsistencies

When I try to build my program from source the results are very random. Sometimes it compiles just fine and other times it will either give a -11 error with no build log or it will give an “Unhandled exception at …” error and break at

void __cdecl _unlock_fhandle (
int fh
LeaveCriticalSection( &(_pioinfo(fh)->lock) );

in osfinfo.c

The error always takes place while running clBuildProgram so it doesn’t appear to be a problem with my c++ code and given that the kernel sometimes does compile and the lack of a build log I don’t think it’s a problem with my kernel code (It’s a reasonably long kernel, about 400 lines of code and takes about 6 minutes to compile). I’m working in VS 10 Express in Windows 7 and my video card is an ATI HD5870 and as far as I know the drivers are all up to date. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


to enshure that it’s not the Kernels fault you can user the Offlinecompiler thats contained in Intels CL SDK. This might be a first hint.

To make shure there ist no problem with IO, load the souce into a char* first. so you can see if there are problem loading the source.