Chronicles of Riddick

My specs on my laptop is
Athlon 64 3000+
Gefore 4 440 Go Mobility 64MB Seperate

The game is very choppy even on the low settings and during starup up there is no color during the previews.
Is there something I could do to improve this. I have the latest graphics driver from HP and for some reason the OMEGA driver didn’t work on my XP Home.
Any help will be appreciated.

Given the outrageous requirements for the game… I think you’re at the very low end of the system requirements.


  • 64 MB AGP OpenGL 1.5-compatible video card, supporting programmable shading. (ATI Radeon® 8500 or NVIDIA® GeForce™ 3 and above - except GeForce™ 4 MX)


  • ATI Radeon® 9700 or NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5900 or better.