Chrome + Spinning Box Offline

i’ve downloaded one of latest chromium dev versions.
Saved this demo test (save as…) + downloaded to resources directory spirit.jpg

But when i’m opening this test (from my HDD) with Chromium there is no image on the box.
When i’m opening it with Firefox there is image…
What’s wrong?

Is there any error/warning in console?

SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18
i’ve been trying to start chrome with --allow-file-access-from-files but it doesn’t work…

If you click on the error there should be kind of print stack which will point you to the incorrect line

DOM Exception 18 error relates to XMLHttpRequest that is still at Level 1, but the most updated browsers begin to all implement Level 2 (for example Firefox has done it for a while). There is a way by configuring your browser for example Opera to enable this, I don’t know for Chrome yet.
The thing is that it is for security matters. For the moment, if you want to see your downloaded demo on Chrome, just upload the files to your server and see it online.

great! Do you maybe know +/- when Chrome might have it? (have you know some roadmap for Chrome? i couldn’t find any)

I don’t know Chrome’s planning.
The XMLHttpRequest 2 is at the draft step, that’s why the majority of browsers don’t implement it yet.