Change IRQ! But how the hell I can?

I’ve posted last week because of my Opengl props with Viper 770 non ultra, Asus P2BF and Windows2000. Many of you said to me that I should set my Viper to an own IRQ. At the moment the Viper shares with 4(!) other komponents the IRQ 9. 10 and 11 are free. In the system manager I can’t change the IRQ, in Bios it is the same and I’ve no Jumpers on my card to set. What the hell is going on? Did I’ve no chance to run my Viper and W2k with Opengl? Did I’ve to buy a new card? What card should I buy? Please help me?
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In bios you have slot 1,slot 2, slot 3.slot 4, with IRQ set to auto. Let the viper keep his IRQ and change the other which shares IRQ with the viper. For exemple slot 1 is the same as PCI-buss 1. If you have a sharing card in PCI-buss 1(slot 1) give it one of the free IRQ you mentioned. Then I believe you have a line in bios “PNP OS INSTALLED” change it to No. Then escape and save the new settings. Start the computer and
you will see in the device manager that your card in slot 1 have changed IRQ. If you will change IRQ on ports you have, goto device manager first and change it in resources. Then restart the computer and change it in bios.
I doesnt have no AGP-assigns or VGA-assigns in my bios so I really dont know how to change the AGP-IRQ maybe you have it in your bios it should be easier that way. Otherwise do it my way. Remember dont use IRQ-6 or IRQ-13 its assigned to the mathprocessor and 3.5 drive lets keep it that way.

Just a little addition, you may have to get your computer into safe mode to change the IRQ setting. I wouldn’t reccomend changing anything in the BIOS except the PnP OS deal. Also, if you don’t have enough IRQ numbers, for your devices, some can share. If you cant find a manual, try different combos that work. Generally a problem will show in the device manager as a little yellow exclamation point.

just in case you dont know how to get to safe mode, do this: (I’m sure there is a better way, I just dont know it) reset your computer before it boots to windows

You got a point. If you could change resources in the device manager do so. But most often youre not allowed to change pci,isa busses resources in device manager, safe mode or not. The only thing you could change is different ports(com,parallell). As I was reading Heiko he wasnt able to change resources in device manager and hes problem in bios was probably due to the PnP Os.
If you change pci/isa busses resources it couldnt do any harm that you cant fix in safe mode cause no card drivers been loaded, but leave the systems resources on its own. Lots of stuff can share IRQ but a graphiccard should have its own(my opinion).
But you cant be sure that openGL problems been fixed this way.

F8 when you see the line starting Windows during start up = safe mode(line 3)