causetree - a new way to develop 3d applications

Hello 3D Interested,

I’ve been a software developer for almost 20 years and have been writing software for a few years to create 3D applications. The focus is on 3D games, but any other kind of 3D application can be implemented. It is developed in Java and builds on Aviatrix3D (opengl scene graph) among other techniques (more on http:

I used a sabbatical to turn my hobby project into a professional causetree application. Unfortunately, the year is over and there is still work to do. That’s why I decided to publish my project on Kickstarter: and the website for the project:

I am writing to you precisely because ‘causetree’ is especially suitable for those who are interested in 3D as it provides an easy and supportive introduction to the complex topic.

I would be very happy if you would support my project.

Thanks and Regards

Arvid Größer