Castle Wolfenstein + XP + DET XP + GF2MX400 64MB = CRASH + CRASH!! :(

Ok, anybody have any ideas? I installed the new XP drivers by nvidia, reinstalled directx 8.1, reinstalled windows xp… None of this helped… I figured out it must be a OpenGL 1.3 problem, as the benchmark tool Vulping GLMark also crashes when I enable the EXTENDED or EXPANDED options, which I assume use new OpenGL instructions…

My system:

Duron 700 (no ocing at all on system!!)
512MM PC133
40GB IBM DeskStar 7200rpm (aaah yeah!)
Abit Siluro T400 (gf2mx400 - 64mb)
Asus A7V
LiteOn 16x 10x 40x
Pioneer 105S 16x DVD-ROM
Windows XP
Detonator XP
NVMax .52 (latest, release today!)

btw, I know the exact point where it crashes on RTCW… You know the little movie that plays when you’re in the multiplay menu? Well every time it crashes, it’s displaying the 5… EVERY TIME!! Once in the game it usually runs fine, if I get that far…