Can't see some demos

Hi everybody. I need help with build configuration for webgl.

I installed nightly Firefox 3.7 and turn on webgl in about:config.
Wow! I can see 3d in browser, ex.
But some demos don’t work:
and (work only with software render)

P.S. I’m sorry i bad speak english — i’m russian fool guy :mrgreen:

With big thx, ur Aler Kucher

Unfotunately the demo on nitobi’s site only works in WebKit, on Macs.

Peter Nitsch’s one works for me with hardware rendering, but I have had problems with other sites that required software rendering. You can try updating your graphics card driver to the very latest version – some people have reported that that has fixed things for them with some of my demos.

(And your English is fine :slight_smile:

Thx for reply, giles.

With nitobi’s demo i understand, but have question: webgl have not general standard for every browsers?

About driver and openGL support. I installed latest driver with opengl 3.2…

(Thanks. Really thanks. It’s pleasant)


You’re right that WebGL will be a general standard and will work in all browsers, but the standard isn’t finished yet, so there are still differences between WebKit and Firefox. It is possible to write pages that run in both, but it is more work.

Yohei (the guy at Nitobi) found that the performance of the game was so bad in Firefox that it was not worth the extra work to make it work in both browsers, so it’s WebKit-only for now.

OpenGL 3.2 should be fine, so I don’t know what might be making Peter Nitsch’s demo not show up. I wonder if it’s related to a problem I reported to the Mozilla guys… if you go to this page, what do you see?



Thx for help, giles!

In your demo i see two object: rainbow triangle and blue square. I think all ok

Excellent, yes – the triangle and the square is what you should see. (On my desktop machine at work there is a bug – I think in the graphics driver – that means that I only see the triangle.)

But perhaps I misunderstood – did you mean that after you updated to the latest graphics driver, you were able to see the demo at without software rendering? Or is that one still not working for you?

@Aler Kucher,
I have updated the driver of graphics card, more demo work on my desktop.

the 1st and 3rd demo work on mine, and 2nd demo failed.

there is only a triangle on mine.

Thanks, R4Y. I assume that this is fixed if you switch to software rendering? If so, could you tell me the details of your graphics card?