cant get open gl working

I have an old computar and no special graphics card and i would play counterstrike in open gl but recently my computar was so bad i had to fix it by getting a new hardrive and added windows xp and some more memory and now i cant get open gl working. I know i have it its allways there and just in case i downloaded the drivers and it said i had them allready. whenever i click open gl on counterstrike it says this vidio mode is no supported and will now run in software mode.

Run GLinfo and post here what it says on the “Driver Info” part.

Basically if there is something like “Microsoft generic” then you did not installed properly your drivers, got back to your graphic card site (,, etc) and download the last stable video driver, then install it following their instructions.
Or maybe it is Matlab (known for diabling OpenGl acceleration), or the hardware acceleration level in the display control panel which is not high enough.

Driver version- Unknown
Vender- Microsoft corperation
Renderer- GDI generic
Open gl version- 1.10

i have never had to install the drivers and i reformated at least 20 times and it used to work

Hello. Greetings. I have the same problem with my OpenGL option for my CS: Condition Zero. Well, dl’d the zip file and the glinfo reader thing and gave me this.

Driver version: 6.13…
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
Renderer: GDI Generic
OpenGL version: 1.1.0

Just curious and all. Dont really know the mechanics of updating and stuff.


Godbless and takecare! :slight_smile:

In both cases you are stuck with the software emulation.

A little more detail about the system/operating system/3d card would be helpfull.